Cats and Wildlife

Toni, Habitat Ambassador Volunteer, Thoughts on letting cats outside:
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One of my biggest pet peeves is people who let their cats wander around freely outside. If you have ever wondered about the cost of letting your cat out, I beg you to read this blog posting and go to the accompanying website. Change your mind. Toni's website is also excellent. This is a recent quote from Nature Scoop:

Tread lightly, I'm warned as I talk about cats and wildlife. However, to quote David Mizejewski, "We created domesticated cats and have imported them around the world... in numbers that often far exceed the numbers of native predators. It’s up to us to prevent and solve the problem." I've had a well-fed pet cat come into my yard and bite the heads off of birds. It doesn't even eat them. It's not the cat's fault. I love cats. Unfortunately, birds do not recognize the sound of a bell as a predator. The only way to keep birds and other small wildlife totally safe is to keep cats indoors.

I have lived with cats all my life, and have always kept them indoors. Since I created the habitat in my yard, the cats love to look out the window: Cat TV. You can buy videos for cats to watch, but why not let them see the real thing? I created my habitat so there is something different to look at from each window. I placed stands in front of each window so the cat can lie down and watch the action outside. I play with my cats using toys to give them exercise, and they are happy.