Invite Nature to Your Yard with Native Plants!

We grow and sell native plants and seeds for the Cincinnati, Ohio tristate area. Our native plants and seeds are produced locally. We sell pure natives of the Cincinnati area, native plants that would grow here naturally, not cultivars of native plants. Check our Native Plants List to see what we grow.
Asclepias tuberosa, butterfly-weed
Do you love butterflies and birds and want to provide food for their young? Do you yearn for simple, beautiful plants that have a place in your local ecosystem? Are you anxious to grow plants that are naturally adapted to the weather conditions of your area? Do you wonder what your bit of land looked like in older times? Native plants are the plants for you. Natives offer you easy to maintain gardens. On top of all the food native plants offer wildlife, they are lovely plants for any style garden.

We specialize in the Milkweed (Asclepias) family of plants. We are growing eight varieties to discover what growing conditions they prefer. Milkweeds are the only plant that monarch butterflies choose to lay their eggs. They will not pick anything else. We also offer several varieties of Joe Pye, wonderful nectar plants. Please click on our Native Plants List.

Can’t wait to get started? Take a tour of your yard and answer the questions in our questionnaire. Then contact us as soon as possible. Would you like to see some of our plants. Click on Natives Photos.